Working in the corporate arena, we will often work with trusted partners to organise and manage larger groups and events.



Often used iSky SPorts Firewalk 030n PR situations, get your favourite celebrities to walk on hot coals to increase profile or for charity.






Used in conjunction with other outdoor activities, it makes for a uniquely fun and entertaining form of training which sticks in the memory of your team long after the event has passed.



d02Great for bonding your team, it provides a truly memorable experience after a long day of training. Increasing the emotional content of the day embeds the learning your team has received.



Speaking Aston Martin Event


Workshops complement the quality of the learning with some unique IP Martin has developed from his experiences and research into peak performance, personal development, teamwork and leadership.

Old Trafford Cricket Firewalk


A great way to finish a conference.



Below is after TEDxHolyhead which Martin curates on Anglesey. As you can see Firewalking is possible practically anywhere!